The DCWRE was established in 1995 to care for sick, injured and abandoned wildlife and then return them to the wild.  Members of the DCWRE are volunteers who donate their time, money and skills to care for these animals.  The following goals are set forth in the organizations bylaws:

- To educate the public about wildlife habits, habitats, and values.

- To promote respect for wildlife species throughout the State of Delaware.

- To follow the Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Code of Ethics and recognize that not all animals can be saved.  Those animals that cannot be rehabilitated to a releasable condition, and are not needed for educational purposes, should be euthanized as humanely as possible. 

- To provide continual training for all members so that the care offered to any animal under our responsibility is as professional as possible.  Note  ***Volunteers with the DCWRE are not qualified veterinarians***

To provide temporary care for injured and/or orphaned native wildlife species and conduct education on wildlife conservation management practices within the State of Delaware.

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